Monday, September 10, 2012

Back To School!

Back to School! Well, Children are back in school again! Isn’t it amazing how FAST life passes? Where does the time go?! We are back to schedules & early mornings & homework & sports. Life moves quickly. Enjoy your babies. Be present as your children grow. Watch every morning sky & know that you have been given another fresh, clean day that many haven’t been given. Life brings new friends & fresh starts & so many things to learn. My mother taught me as a child that there are very few BIG moments in life...that most of living is every day...ORDINARY moments...big lessons to learn...some ordained days but a lot of ORDINARY mixed in as well. I hope & pray that we can all learn to be content in the ordinariness of life, & truly celebrate when the beautiful surprises pop up...that we can make the most of our ordinary days by what we put in them... I also learned from my mother (who is the happiest person I know!) that we each CHOOSE whether to be happy or unhappy. Positive or negative...content or discontent...that it is all decided in our minds...that we can be happy anywhere if we choose to be. Kiss the face of a child...fix your favorite sandwich or dessert...Pull out a funny memory so you can at least smile while you cry! Today I celebrate ordinary days. We have many extraordinary days at Denton Creek, but not all days can be special...some days are by nature more ORDINARY...but each day I am reminded that the KIND of day I choose to have is largely up to ME! I hope we will create enduring memories for our learners this year...that we will help them grow & thrive in ways not even defined yet! That we can turn more of their days from ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY. I'm out to build bridges this year with our students...with families...with each person I meet. I hope you'll build bridges with me - even on ordinary days! -Mr. Mac

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