Friday, September 4, 2009


What have you enjoyed most about school so far this year?

I am looking forward to hearing your responses!

What are you liking most about school?

-Mr. McLain

Denton Creek's VISION

I'm excited to be learning about blogging & want to invite our students & staff at Denton Creek to join me in this endeavor as we embark on a fun school year together.

Many of our DC students are WAY AHEAD of me when it comes to technology, but I am learning, & I hope you will help me learn! Our teachers have committed to making technology an even bigger focus this year which is very exciting.

I'm going to share my vision for our school in this blog, & then I'd like to start a weekly question that you may answer. I hope you will jump right in on the discussion!

It is well known that all leaders have a vision - a place in their mind or a dream about how things can be better. The vision provides the motivation & energy that helps you to accomplish your goals & bring about productive change. I want to share my vision with you.

In my vision I SEE a safe from prejudice not only toward color but toward indifference in learning. I see all children - wise & unwise, social & unsocial, eager & reticent, privileged, & lacking, learning capable & learning challenged, this safe place.

In my vision I HEAR excitement...Children's voices & grown up voices motivated by the need to know & the need to share what is known. I hear kindness & courtesy & encouragement. There is no room for sarcasm or criticism or the need to control through this EXCITING place!

In my vision I TOUCH...Hand upon hand & heart upon heart & encourage others to do the same. We have to touch kids' hearts before we can engage their minds! The touch heals the spirit & feeds the children who are this safe place.

In my vision I SMELL...reams of paper & endless books, musty rooms & dusty, warm bodies - all signs of life & synergy in an otherwise lifeless made into a safe place.

In my vision I TASTE...the sweet taste of tentative, fragile success - hoping that living out the vision will make a difference for kids - in this safe place!

My vision is simple, straightforward, & attainable!

Some of the goals that we have as a staff include:

1. To build relationships rooted in trust rather than judgment,
2. To create a climate of respect in which those who participate in the day-to-day activities have ownership of the process,
3. To continue traditions & ceremonies that celebrate success,
4. To replace rules with mutual respect,
5. To replace competition with cooperation.

The Denton Creek staff is committed to:
1. Maximizing instructional time,
2. Teaching the TEKS & Tackling the TAKS,
3. Promoting higher levels of cognitive learning by asking higher level questions & ensuring that we're working on the "3 R's" with our students: RELEVANCE, RIGOR, & RELATIONSHIPS!
4. Instilling in our students an even greater desire to achieve excellence.
5. Integrating more technology into all areas of our classrooms including multimedia presentations, blogging, use of the smart interactive board, creating pod-casts, etc.
6. Researching the process of becoming an "IB" school - or what's known as the "Primary Years Program."
7. Ensuring success for all students & having fun while doing so!

I hope you will embrace our vision as we work to provide your children with the best educational experience possible!
-Mr. McLain

Friday, August 21, 2009

Denton Creek Rocks!

I want to welcome our sagacious students back to school...we are lucky to have YOU at Denton Creek & are looking forward to an exciting year.

As a school we will be studying 21st Century Learning & Literacy this year which will involve using more technology. We have purchased some Smart Boards which teachers will be using to engage our students, & your teachers will be doing lots of things to keep you engaged & excited about learning!

We will also be creating more podcasts & every teacher will have an on-going blog.


I'm counting on some of our awesome Trailblazers to help me learn more about technology as that is one of my colossal goals this year!

Let's collaborate to make this the best year EVER at Denton Creek!

-Mr. Mac

Mr. Mac Learns To Blog!

Mr. Mac is wanting to become tech savvy!
This is his first attempt to create a blog.

Be patient with me as I enter the 21st Century!