Thursday, November 10, 2011

Denton Creek is TWEETING!

BIG NEWS AT DENTON CREEK THIS WEEK: We opened a Twitter account for our school & plan to use it as another communications tool to inform our parents of upcoming school events & to recognize & highlight the great things we see happening on campus.

I had been thinking about going this route for a couple of weeks & last week I attended a principals' conference where Alan November (see was a keynote speaker. In his presentation to principals November talked about the purpose of Twitter & the many different ways schools could use it. He explained that Twitter allows one to follow the greatest minds and his enthusiasm for it finally persuaded me. It all seemed overwhelming to me & somewhat silly to be honest, but now I think I finally GET IT!!!

My biggest reservation was the time factor. I barely have time now for Facebook - how am I going to squeeze one more minute in for anything else? I've wondered! And...what if it's addicting because of all the amazing people & tweets one wants to follow? We're all so busy as it is...

I don't care when someone went to the grocery store or what they had for breakfast & this is the part that has caused me to take a while to come to terms with signing up for Twitter.

So, all that to say that although it's taken me a while, I am finally on board & look forward to growing with this exciting tool that is common for so many of us these days.

I am excited about it & hope my enthusiasm doesn't wear off anytime soon.
I've already tweeted about Spring Creek Night & our upcoming Movie & Pizza night as well as the incredible things we're doing with technology on our campus.

I learned what a hashtag is...AND...I think I like being confined to only 140 characters! That way I won't get too verbose! Now, if I could only get some followers!!! :)

-Mr. Mac