Monday, January 10, 2011

What IS My Job?

Several years ago, when my sweet adorable daughter was five years old, she announced to me out of the blue as we were driving in the car, "Dad, if someone has a fat face, I will tell them!" I turned to her, appalled that any offspring of mine would make such a statement. I said, "You will NOT do that - it would hurt feelings, etc...besides, THAT is NOT your job!"

Well, I guess I made an impression on her. I could see the wheels turning in her head. Finally, she looked at me & asked, "Then, what IS my job?" For a long time afterwards, it became a joke between us at various times to ask, "What IS my job?"

As I thought about this year & the incredible first several months of school we've had, I thought it might be good for all of us to ask...


First, it is my job to be part of the world of little people where we laugh & dream & find joy in a tooth that wiggles. We express "real" enthusiasm over treasures that are put on our desks such
as flowers that have been picked so short that they have no stem, or a love note written with great care. It is our job to be thankful to be part of their world so that we don't always have to take life so seriously.

It is my job to teach when it's 105 degrees outside or when my learners are full of sugar from Halloween candy. After all, we've been entrusted with unique miracles of nature who might not ever love books, understand numbers, or eventually be an important part of history unless we teach them.

It is my job to greet each day with love in my heart. When I do, I'll be better equipped to deal with the child who is tired because his parents argued all night, or the child who throws up, or the one who challenges me because he's smart & needs to know why or more. If I greet each day with love, my job isn't just a duty; it's a joy.

It's my job to be parent, teacher, coach, counselor, & sometimes even friend. Sometimes I didn't know that I could/would wear so many hats. But it's funny - I often don't even realize when I take off one to replace it with another.

It's my job to encourage...Encourage my coworkers when they are down, or hurt, hot, frustrated, tired, or mad. My job is tio encourage those I am encourage the child who is on the verge of tears because he's fearful of going to 4th grade & not remembering his multiplication facts. It's my job to encourage each child. After all, I might be the only one who does.

I'm going to be honest with you & admit to you that we all have a hard job. As I look at my job with its mounting pressures, numerous constraints, & endless frustrations, I've made a commitment & decided that I'm going to continue to become better at my job this year!

I am so fortunate to get to work with the Denton Creek staff - they are truly the best...the cream of the crop. I'm especially lucky to get to work with our kids who are truly what it's all about.
They're smart, well-behaved, & genuinely care about one another, & they are what keep me here!

-Mr. McLain